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Profit Share Program

Welcome, to our new Profit Share Program. As shown in the diagram below you can earn up to 150% directly into your AlertPay bank account at the server reset time once you finished your daily clicks in neobux.com. Please, check the diagram below if you plane to join our first profit share program.

Our program will start once ten customers join us. If you want to join our program kindly click on the banner below and register neobux.com. Just make sure that "yourjobonline" in your referral field. After making your account write your username as a comment to confirm your registration.
 Click here to Join Profit Share Program 

Profit Share Program:
- 1st referral in activity ---> 150%
- 2nd referral in activity ---> 100%
- 3rd referral in activity ---> 75%
- 4th referral in activity ---> 60%
- 5th referral and above ---> 50%

If you clicked 20 ads per day you will earn $0.02 in your neobux account. At the end of the day you will earn in your AlertPay account:
- $0.030 if you 1st in activity.
- $0.020 if you 2nd in activity.
- $0.015 if you 3rd in activity.
- $0.012 if you 4th in activity.
- $0.010 if you 5th in activity or otherwise.

Finally you must inform us in our comment section about your clicks which you done for every single day. And we will make a comment with the rate of every customer clicks, activity rank and revenues.
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"Google Adsense" ... Have you ever heard this words before?. It is the best way to make your passive income by having some few Qualifications to make Google AdSense account. Google AdSense program have some products created to increase your income like AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search.

If you have your own website, Blog or any webpage, you can make money by displaying Google AdSense Ads between the contents of your website. As the type of your page contents, Google AdSense will deliver Ads that are most related to it. Also, you can put Google AdSense for Search in your page. It provides a search capability to your website and the AdSense Ads will be displayed in the search results pages.

How do You Make Money with Google Adsense?

As mentioned, Google will deliver the Adsense ads that are best match the content of your web page. Every time a user clicks on a Google Adsense ad, Google will pay you. Google will share about 63% of the Ad profit it gets from its advertisers with you. Now, you no longer have to worry about searching and dealing with advertisers, google will bring their Ads to you. It is important source to make money. Don't worry, it is so easy to set up an AdSense Account. Read Qualifications to make Google AdSense account.
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PTC Sites

Paid To Click sites became very popular in the world of making money online in the past few years. The reason that make many peoples joined PTC program because of its simplicity, absolutely 100% free to join and the easy of the way to make money online. In this program you don't need to have your own website, and pay for hosting it every month or year or anything upfront. All you need to start working and making money from PTC program is to sign up for free account at PTC websites, click on your daily advertisements, wait for about 30 seconds and you earn money. The cost you gain for viewing one advertisement is usually one cent per ad. PTC program is an awesome system for peoples who want to start making money online. So, where to start?. All you need to  have to start is a computer with internet connection. You only need about 20 minuets on your time per day to complete each PTC sites while surfing the internet, reading news, blogging etc.

Be award, there are many PTC "SCAM" sites being created lately (we will continually state it in this blog). It wast your time to join it since you won't get paid for all the work that you do and finally ask you to pay for account upgrade. So, don't purchase any upgrade or premium account if you aren't sure about the paid to click sites that you participated.

Important thing that you must have referrals after joining to make your earning network larger then, earn more income. The key to maximize your earning is to join as many PTC sites as you can and make your referrals network larger by marketing your referral link.

Here are some tips to help you avoid these SCAMs. First, use Google search engine and type in the PTC site that you're about to join and write "scam" beside it. You will find some useful results, read some articles and posts from various users that talking about this PTC site. More you find so many negative feedback, more the PTC site have a higher chance of being SCAM but, you have to review more than post because some of post writers still waiting for their payment which usually take times before each payment being sent to their members then, they say that PTC sites is a scam.

Recently PayPal have changed their policy on doing business with PTC sites. By reports people sent to PayPal about scam sites, PayPal decided to freeze and ban most of its accounts. Most of PTC sites now used other eBanks like AlertPay, E-Gold, MoneyBookers etc.
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PTS Sites

Paid To Sign up sites, ask you to sign up for some sites to make money. Their minimum pay out is little more than PTC sites also, the income from signing up for one site is about 10 cent. The way here is to register one of trusted PTS sites and started to sign up for sites in your account daily, then you have to log into your email that you stated in signing up process, copy the body and past your email body to your PTS site and complete your signing up username then submit it. After a little time you will get paid.

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PTA Sites

Paid To Answer questions is a new way to make money online over the internet from home. If you expert about something so, why not give your opinion in some questions and share your knowledge about the subject and earn money.

So, why companies are interested in your advice? 

It's because they have some forums with alot of questions asked by their members waiting for answers. Since they needed to response every question as quickly as possible and they are very busy so, they willing to pay anyone who can answer their members questions. Another reasons is because the want to build a good reputation for their company's name by having expert in different fields.

Get paid to answer questions is the golden way to make money for some peoples who have deep knowledge in their field. The tips for earning more money from PTA program is to pick on other area that you like as well. The amount of money they pay you will depend on many factors such as your field that you are interested in. Some area for example engineering required someone who have high degree and knowledge to answer specific questions because not everyone can answer hard and complex engineering questions.

Where you can start?

1. Use Google search engine to search for websites that pay you for your knowledge and advice.

2. Submit your applications to all the websites that have the area matched with your knowledge. You should join more than one websites to increase your earning potential. You will not make much money from only one source.

3. You must write your expert profiles clear and professionally because this is very important for your approval. Write profile that make readers think that you are a good source of informations.

4. When you have already participated in get paid to answer programs. You must first build good reputation in the websites by giving out free advice and knowledge to your customers.
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PayPal is an e-commerce business that allowing money transfer and payments to be made over the internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like money orders and checks.

PayPal account can be funded with an electronic debit by credit card or by a bank account. The recipient of a PayPal transfer can either request a check, request a transfer or establish their own PayPal deposit account to their bank account.

Performing payment processing for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users, for which it charges a fee. It may also charge a fee for receiving money, proportional to the amount received. Depending on the currency used, the country of the recipient, the country of the sender, the payment option used, the amount sent and the recipient's account type the fees will be calculated. In addition, eBay purchases made by credit card through PayPal may incur extra fees if the buyer and seller use different currencies.
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